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Life at Hidesign

Hidesign has had an adventurous journey working with exciting talent from across the world while staying true to its core beliefs since 1978 as a counter-culture brand. The company is vertically integrated from its tannery, ateliers, marketing & design offices and almost all its retail stores. This provides multiple opportunities for employees to experiment with various departments and skills, as well as to have the freedom to ideate from scratch.

Our employees are a reflection of our main buyers - young, ambitious, cosmopolitan people. Working at Hidesign will allow you freedom and space to develop new ideas and work on exciting projects. The company is known for providing growth opportunities vertically as well as the option to move horizontally, challenging yourself in other departments and cities. With a strong commitment to equality, sustainability and innovation, Hidesign creates a space for you to be creative while working across categories with an exciting team of innovators.

Hidesign has over 2500 employees with a ratio of 55:45 women to men.

Headquartered in Pondicherry, a former French colony which is a cosmopolitan town that has always been a refuge for alternative thinking inspired by the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, the international community of Auroville and the French influence. The Hidesign head office - a beautiful French colonial building, two-minutes away from the sea, is always alive and buzzing with diverse group of people working together. Living in Pondicherry makes coming to work fast and pleasant - hop on to one of the company-provided bicycles or walk by the beach for a 5-10 minute commute home. A daily potluck lunch is a fun time to bond with colleagues and taste multiple cuisines. Avail of employee discounts to Hidesign’s hotels, restaurants, bars, spa and local department store.

E-Commerce Head

Retail Manager

Graphic Designer

Interior Architect

Training Manager

Store Manager
Hyderabad & Bangalore

Assistant Manager - Social Media

Retail Manager

Retail Merchandiser


Six out of nine Regional Directors are women

Our products are crafted by 90% women

Diversity & Equality

Our founder Dilip Kapur, spent his college days in Princeton, fighting against the regressive laws limiting the black community in South Africa’s apartheid. He carried forward his beliefs in equality of color, sexual orientation, caste, gender, etc in his work at Hidesign. The topic of diversity appears frequently through our journey, with many of our ad campaigns specifically calling out inequalities. Often these campaigns have been banned in conservative societies, while we have continued to speak out.

We are proud to have a higher women to men ratio(6:3) in our front end management team, in addition to 90% of our factory employees being women from the local area. Hidesign was one of the few companies in India who have been actively supporting, approaching and hiring candidates from the LGBTQ community since its inception. We firmly believe in multiculturalism, women’s rights and in support of the LGBTQ community.

Company Overview

Hidesign was started in 1978 by Mr. Dilip Kapur as a hobby which has now grown to an international brand known for its innovative, handcrafted leather accessories. With over 100 exclusive, company-owned stores and 150 points of sale, Hidesign is present in over 23 countries globally. Hidesign is a vertically integrated company with its own tanneries, brass foundry, production units, marketing and design offices and retail stores. This creates opportunities to candidates from all streams to work together to be innovative and actively participate from start to finish.

The Hidesign Group owns two hotels in Pondicherry - The Promenade, a modern, sea-facing hotel as well as Le Dupleix - a boutique heritage hotel. Casablanca, a charming department store is a landmark building that hosts international brands as well as artisanal designers and products. Hidesign also partners with Future Group on the brand Holii Accessories.

The brand is growing rapidly, opening on average 20 exclusive stores per year.

Dipen Desai
Director - Marketing

At Hidesign capability and enthusiasm always trump experience, gender, religion, caste and sexuality. Over the past 12 years Hidesign has given me the opportunity to constantly experiment and evolve; from interning in the product designing team to leading the marketing team.

Sumeet Kaur
Regional Head

Working with Hidesign has been truly enriching, both on professional and personal fronts. It has taught me to be passionate about what you do, keep chipping away at problems and have the courage to make mistakes and learn from them! Hidesign is a close knit family; a free spirited work environment that encourages you to think and innovate.

Dilip Dutta
Retail Manager

Hidesign gives you an opportunity to work with cross cultural sensitivity and work in an environment with an easy open door policy, which gives you freedom to express your ideas and experiences. It has always been a pleasure to work with Hidesign.

Warehouse Executive

I have been working with Hidesign for over 10 years now. It's a great place to work and I enjoy working here every single day. I like to work with Hidesign since it feels like my second home. I always feel very comfortable and safe working here as I can be myself.

Hidesign is one of the top 5 brands among major ecommerce platforms.